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How do I join?

If you are a new player click "sign up" and create a member profile then view the upcoming league or tournament and then register. When creating a team, if you are the first one to register, choose "Captain" and a team name then send an invite to your teammate(s) to join. If you are a returning player click "login" and then view the upcoming league or tournament and register.

Who can play bocce?

The answer is simple, anyone. Age, strength or speed are not important. Even when advanced players are against beginners there is always a bit of luck involved

How many players are on a bocce team?

Bocce teams can have up to 4 players or more. However, Bocce VB would like our players to have the most amount of playing time so our leagues and tournaments are currently set for 2 player teams

Do I need to bring any equipment?

No equipment required. Bocce VB will provide all the equipment necessary to play bocce. Our leagues and tournaments are also set in an establishment where food and drink will be available while you play.

Do I need to be 21 to play?

Yes. Bocce VB leagues and tournaments are only available to adults 21 years of age and older

What is the small white ball in bocce called?

The small target ball in bocce is called a pallina. Other names include: pallino, jack, pill, object ball, boccino. The pallina is smaller and a different color than the bocce balls so it is visibly distinct from both teams' balls. Bocce VB welcomes leaners during play, which means to touch the pallina with your teams' bocce ball for an extra point for accuracy.

How do you score points in bocce?

You get the bocce ball closer to the pallina than your opponents closest ball. For example, if you get 2 bocce balls closer to the pallina then your opponent closest ball, you then score 2 points.

When throwing the pallina to start the game, what part of the court should it cross?

The pallina should always cross the halfway line when starting a frame. If it does not cross then it should be thrown again by the same team, or given to the opposite team to throw.

Where does the word "bocce" come from?

Bocce comes from the Italian word boccia, which is plural, means "to bowl". However, the singular form used in Italy, is bocce.

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